Bodhi at Think Simple

Enhanced Crestron integration, for clients and their own offices

“Bodhi simplifies and enhances the Crestron technology that is crucial to our business,” says Geoffrey Ranson, Crestron Programmer for technology integrator Think Simple.

“Without taking anything away from what Crestron already does, it adds a very simple scheduling interface, allows us to add sensors and instruments not normally used with Crestron systems, and makes it easier to integrate third-party controllers from Lutron and other suppliers.”

“Bodhi also eliminates the unpleasant surprises that can sometimes happen with even the very best technology,” he adds. “It constantly monitors all of our most important systems, sends alerts when anything moves out of spec, and reminds us to take care of needed repairs.

“In doing all this, it helps us better serve our clients and better maintain the technology installed in our own offices.”

A Crestron Platinum Elite Dealer

Think Simple is a full service audio/video integration firm serving businesses, homes, hotels, and schools in Florida, the Bahamas and New York. They are known for their superb personal service and extremely high standards, and they are an authorized dealer/integrator for Crestron, Lutron, Samsung, QSC, Cisco and other leading firms.

“The biggest benefit for us is how easily and completely Bodhi works with Crestron, our most important partner,” Ranson says.

One of the best things about a Crestron system, he explains, is its ability to automate repetitive tasks. Say the integrator sets up a background music system for a restaurant. He or she can program the Crestron processor to turn on the system in the morning, select different sources and volume levels for breakfast, lunch and dinner services, then shut it down at the end of the day. The programmer can do the same thing with lighting, video, climate, shading: anything a Crestron system can control.

As great as that is, if the client wants to change the schedule frequently, it can be a problem, because the programmer will have to update and recompile the code each time.

But Bodhi allows the integrator to modify such schedules quickly and dynamically, from any computer, phone or tablet with an Internet browser with the proper login – even from home.

It’s so easy, in fact, that Think Simple clients regularly set up and modify their own automated scenes and presets using its simple, calendar-based interface. Some, in fact, save new presets for almost every special event they hold, and they have found they can set them up during the planning phase, often days or weeks in advance!

Bodhi also allows Think Simple to enhance its Crestron systems with sensors and instruments that are not necessarily designed to work with Crestron. “For example, we’re using low-cost Z-Wave and Zigbee temperature, humidity and water flow sensors to monitor for conditions that commonly cause damage and downtime. We also use Bodhi occupancy sensors, tied to our Crestron lighting and climate controls, to save energy.”

One of the most useful capabilities of Bodhi, Ranson says, is its ability to monitor the various components installed with a Crestron system, then send Think Simple and the client alerts any time anything slips out of spec. “This is a tremendous add-on for our remote monitoring contracts,” he explains. “Now the equipment tells us it’s about to break, and so we can reset or repair it before it causes a disruption.”

Think Simple was the first dealer/integrator to sign with Bodhi, and they have been using it with clients and in their own offices since 2014.

“It’s been a tremendous help,” Ranson says. “Clients are happier, our staff is happier, and we’re making more money!”

“In terms of our integration business, and our own office management, Bodhi is a win-win!”