Delight your guests while saving energy,
labor, and headaches

luxury layout

View typical guestroom configurations


Save at least 35% - 45% of total energy used in guestrooms

Turn off lights, turn down climate, close shades when guests are away

Guest app includes keyless entry, room controls, amenity access

Browser-based, so nothing to install

Guests unlock room with smart phone (works with most existing locks)

Simplifies service requests: housekeeping, valet, concierge, reservations

Phone acts as remote for TV, entertainment systems

Simply give guests a link on check in

Or integrate with your branded app

Welcome scenes surprise and delight guests

Can include lighting, shading and climate presets, music and video

Manages and enhances Crestron and Lutron or works on its own

Alexa voice controls now a practical option for guestrooms

Presence detection service assists housekeeping & maintenance staff to know when the room is vacant

Predictive maintenance minimizes technology downtime & guest frustration

Integrates Property Management System and room access (even with low-cost platforms including Crestron Home and Lutron Caséta)

Low-cost Bodhi Thermostat combines climate control, occupancy sensor and technology hub

Restaurants, Bars &
Common Areas

Manages and automates music, video, lighting, shading, and climate

Simple, real-time controls free management and staff time during rush periods

Calendar-based scheduler automates settings changes by time of day, day of week, & season

Scheduler allows managers to set up in advance for special events

Predictive maintenance minimizes downtime, improves service

Result is more focus on guests and a better experience

Event Center

Calendar-based scheduler allows technology setup during planning phase of each event

AV routing, room combination & division, volume levels, lighting & shading

Local controls simplify last-minute adjustments and changes

Predictive maintenance minimizes downtime, improves service

Reporting package tracks use of, and value of each system installed


Art Ovation

Common areas: music, lighting, & climate

Lobby & rooftop bars: music & lighting

Performance audio: lobby stage & rooftop DJs

Ballroom: background music & AV routing

Daytona Hotel

Common areas: music, lighting, & climate

Restaurant & bar: music & lighting

Event center: background music & AV routing

Digital signage: scheduling & routing

Nexus Club

Throughout the facility: leak detection

Lobby: Lighting, climate, audio & video

Restaurants & fitness center: Music, lighting & climate