Multi Dwelling Unit

Prevent losses and save energy while increasing the enjoyment of homeowners

Condos, Villas, Houses

Leak, flood, and mold protection minimizes the greatest risk of damage for homeowners

Together these issues account for 57% of insurance claims and 71% of dollar losses

Occupancy-based energy management saves at least 10% of total energy bills

Simplified control of building and entertainment systems means greater enjoyment and satisfaction

Predictive maintenance minimizes downtime & homeowner frustration

Manages and enhances Crestron, Lutron, and Alexa or works on its own

Restaurants, Clubs, &
and Common Areas

Manages and automates music, video, lighting, shading, and climate

Simple, real-time controls free management and staff time during rush periods

Calendar-based scheduler automates settings changes by time of day, day of week, & season

Scheduler allows managers to set up in advance for special events

Predictive maintenance minimizes downtime, improves service

Result is more focus on guests and a better experience

In Outdoor Areas

Astronomical clock automates lighting by time of sunset and sunrise

Calendar-based scheduler makes it easy to adjust for seasonal changes & special events

Door-open alerts enhance building security